In addition to the nutrients diffusing through the skin, molecules are absorbed through the mouth that satisfy the feeling of hunger and fill the stomach, as the substances increase in size on contact with the stomach membrane. Furthermore, fragrance molecules are absorbed through the nose to create a scented experience. The shower cabin also includes a voice assistant that facilitates use and creates an individual diet plan, depending on tolerance and the goal you have.
How to use:

Step 1: Purchase the four highly concentrated bottles of essential nutrients: vitamins, proteins, sugars and fats. For added enjoyment, flavours are available to experience aerith with the senses of taste and smell as well.

Step 2: Install the bottle in the device of the shower. Once you speak to aerith's voice assistant, the machine punctures the top of the bottle and connects the contents to the glands.

Step 3: When you start the intake, the nutrient-rich substance comes out of the shower within a few seconds. For ideal intake, you should be unclothed. For this reason, we recommend you to take the nourishment directly after your usual shower.
Photo by Veronika Vassilakou
Photo by Veronika Vassilakou

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